Friday, April 4, 2008

FormosaArT RoundTable Poem 001

04/02/2008 Wed. night 8 o'clock, not many people shows up. I knew Frank had a meeting on first Wed. of month, Janie got to be babysit at the last minute, Zhi-Zhi is still working,Amanda got to study for tests..... but David, kim, sally, chuy, claudia...?? I don't know.
Andi and Viv are new and eagering to meet our poetry/film club members... O.K. Christina and Gerald are walking in.., I lead tonight's poetry night but i got some other customers need to be served. "Oh... Hope they start chatting..."I was wishing when i was working on Smoothies in the kitchen... "WOW!" when i brought out my creative designed drink, "Greenppe" and Frappuccino...i got BIG praise from all of them. It's in a high heel glass with beautiful decoration...look so elegent! ..... Then got to work on strawberry smoothie + lovely tapioca pearls for another table... Finally, sit down with my Chinese herbs+fruits "Summer tea"..... Start our poetry night....
After one hour, Can you believe it? We got our 001 (first) ArT RoundTable Poem tonight from our poetry group. Although Andi, viv were forced by Riva at the beginning. (HeyHey... " Can we just watch ?" Viv said. And Christina tried to be nice by saying" Sure. It's all right.". Then Riva said," No. You have to try too. It doesn't matter how bad or good, it matters try it or not. So no pressure, just try it and having fun!".) Since most of our members cannot attend tonight, Riva got the idea to do a round table poetry together for fun. Turns out it's a pretty good poetry and everybody got so exciting about it. HeyHeyHey.... Riva is laughing again... "
See...." "This is a cup of tea you have to try or you won't be able to know how it taste."

Following is the poetry we (RoundTable) created together,

Life is a cup of tea
Drank under the shade of a tree
Whispering to sky
Words from the heart,
" You are perfection rolled under the sun's rays--
one perfect leaf."
Flowing from a pot an essense of delight,
Once boiled of taste & sight.
" Will it be the cup of yours?" I was wondering..
I've not yet had my fill
Sharing this tea between the two.
Yet, I've had enough of emptiness
Before I delighted in the taste of you.
Pour me out & let me steep.
Have some patience & some peace.
Draw me out out from the dry well of past:
Just glance at me for a few seconds with your prettyness.
Just glance, just be me, just drink me.

~FormosaArT RoundTable Poetry 001
By Andi, Christina, Gerald, Humberto, Riva and Viv
We had a lot of fun.
P.S.: After poetry, Gerald sang a song with his electric guitar connected to a handy small Amp. So cute! The amp just need battery and you can carry with you everywhere. So convienience!! I want to buy one too. We tried to work on the Chinese song we used translate it into English together before but we both forgot part of it. We will try it again next time.

Good night!
Riva from Formosa Art Tea House
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"Life is a cup of tea"